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About Us

Company History


Precision Pigging originally marketed services using a single-channel paper chart geometry tool. In 2002, Precision Pigging completed research and development on a digital multi-channel geometry tool. This new tool incorporated a rugged design capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions. Clients enjoyed the accuracy and repeatability of results provided by the new digital multi-channel tool, and soon Precision Pigging’s list of clients began to grow.


Research and development began anew on a further generation of geometry tool. Introduced in early 2009, the ACE-3D™ tool incorporated many improvements that propelled it to the forefront of caliper technology. These advancements made the tool Accurate, Consistent, and Economical. Among the enhancements on the ACE-3D™ tool, were mapping capabilities and Bluetooth™ technology, allowing for near-instantaneous data acquisition in new construction applications.


The U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) unveiled new Interim Guidelines regarding the inspection of pipelines under specific conditions. These Guidelines required design modifications to be made to the ACE-3D™ tool in order to conform to PHMSA’s procedures.

In response to PHMSA’s new Interim Guidelines, Precision Pigging introduced its X-110™ geometry/deformation tool. The X-110™ provides 110% coverage of the pipeline wall, an industry first. The increased wall coverage allows for markedly greater sensitivity and accuracy of results, with an even higher Probability of Detection (POD) and Probability of Accuracy (POA).


Precision Pigging is experiencing an exciting amount of growth. Now a serious alternative to the status-quo competition, Precision Pigging continues to participate in some of the largest pipeline projects. Precision Pigging is proud of its commitment to technology advancements and will continue to provide its clients with the highest level of service in the geometry/deformation inspection field.